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Italian Stallion
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Recommendations on good body shop

Hey guys,

Haven't been around in a while, but figured you guys would know where to go. 2010 genesis 2.0, hydroplaned around a corner last night with all the heavy rain and ended up sideways in the oncoming lane. Banged up my left rear 1/4 and ripped my bumper and all supports completely out.

Like an @ss I took off full coverage and now screwed myself. Not sure how to post up pictures while on the phone.

I'm located in Sussex county, but the car is drive able. Any suggestions that won't cost an arm and a leg? How much will I even be looking at in total cost you think?

My number is 862-268-2203 if somebody may know someone and would want pictures. Thanks guys, Mike.
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That's rough news. Sorry to hear.

You can still post pictures as attachments from your mobile device. When you click on the "Post Reply" button, you're redirected to a new screen where you can type out your thread/reply. Just below that white text-field is an option for "Manage Attachments" (look in the "Attach Files" section). From there, click "Choose File" & just select the file you're looking to attach, click "Upload" on the right side of the screen, & voila your file has been uploaded. Once you close the screen/go back to your reply screen, you'll notice that there is now an attachment below your message. Rinse & repeat as needed for additional attachments. Click submit reply & you're done.

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Good. He microwaved my phone 6 years ago, i hope his intake erupts.
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Hackettstown Collision or Autbody Connection in Branchville are probably your best bets if you're being cost conscious.
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Is English your 2nd language? Did you graduate high school? Your posts make my head hurt.
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I use to work at autobody connection. Owners name is sam. They do excellent work and he's a good guy. And hackettstown collision I actually am good friends with the head body guy amd the main painter so I can guarantee you good service from there also.
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